About Us

Experience You Can Count On

We  provide high-quality SR&ED consulting services in BC and Alberta.  Our professional financial, technical, and client focused services will  allow businesses to efficiently and cost-effectively access the  SR&ED tax credit program without utilizing extensive internal  resources or incurring major expenses.

We have worked with  diverse industries that include: manufacturing (windows, heavy  equipment, mills and industrial sites), oil and gas, food processing,  electronics and instrumentation, software development, hi-tech  development, engineering firms, medical research and development, and  others.

As SR&ED tax credit consultants, SWS provides value  by ensuring that our client's internal R&D and administration  resources stay focused within their areas of expertise. The fundamental  value offering of competent and pro-active technical and financial  advice to our client's technical and financial representatives is the  core of our business. Our consulting expertise is also comprised of our  understanding of the SR&ED program which allows us to efficiently  guide our clients and identify the information needed for an effective  SR&ED claim.

We have developed strong relationships with our  clients and professional relationships with CRA reviewers across BC and  Alberta. A large part of our effectiveness is our detailed understanding  of how to provide CRA the information needed to assess a SR&ED  claim in the event of a review.