Our Services

SRED West Solutions & Your SR&ED Tax Credit Application

  • Our  goal is to provide the resources needed to make SR&ED applications  painless. We will explain the issues key to your situation, ask specific  questions to document your R&D, and suggest improvements.
  • We  have full-time dedicated engineers and scientists who can understand  the technical details of your work, making efficient use of your time.
  • We  also have full-time professionals in taxation who are experienced in  tax planning to maximize the SR&ED benefits and integrate the  SR&ED claim into your corporate tax return. Our financial partners  will liaise with your accountant to provide seamless delivery of your  claim.
  • Everything discussed is covered by a non-disclosure agreement, and we will comply with any necessary security protocols.
  • Typical  claim items include salaries, materials, utilities, and contract costs.  As a specialist SR&ED firm, we have a detailed understanding of the  application process and legislation and will conduct a detailed review  of your business to ensure that every opportunity for SR&ED tax  credits is identified.
  • We  provide technical reports in CRA’s format for your review. Once these  are ready, we will follow up so you can verify the timeline, activities  and technical content prior to submission.
  • If  your claim is selected for financial or technical review, we will meet  with CRA’s representatives to explain how your work matches the  program’s eligibility criteria.
  • Should  we fail to identify a claim, then we will not charge you a fee at all.  In other words, we operate on a ‘No Win, No Fee’ basis.